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Private Electric Bass And/Or Guitar Instruction
Each lesson is designed to help the individual student grow through detailed technical study, the application of music theory to practice, the development of improvisation strategies, and performance coaching. Through lessons you will be given the tools to transcribe parts and harmonic progressions, and play your instrument in multiple genres. But being a musician is about much more than the ability to hear and reproduce. My job is to encourage you to deploy these skills in creative ways so that you make make a song your own through a close study of style. The combination of good instrumental technique with close attention to creative expression will lead you to find an interpretive voice of your own!

Private Composition And/Or Songwriting Instrunction
Composing music is a technique just like playing a musical instrument is. Each lesson is designed to help the individual student grow through detailed study of orchestration, music theory, analysis of “classics” from Mozart to the RZA, score reading, and, of course, close analysis of the student's compositions. My job is to understand what you want to achieve with your music and help you get there by showing you how to closely examine details and to teach you to imagine your music outside of time before it actually is performed. The combination of a broad historical knowledge of how people went about making compositional decisions in the past with a focus on imagining your own sounds and then finding the technical way to execute them in the future will increasingly free your musical imagination, allowing you to compose anywhere.

Private Academic Writing Instruction 
Writing essays is a creative process, not the filling in of a 5 paragraph formula. Each lesson is designed to help the student develop a range of writing strategies for any number of purposes. Whether you are writing college entrance exams, statements of purpose, cover letters, term papers, your thesis, or want to get a head start before freshman year, you will learn to effectively persuade your audience. My job is to help you become increasingly independent when it comes to research, structure, and editing. I have over 8 years of experience teaching argumentative writing in a wide range of academic topics at the high school and university level.

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60 minute lesson: $60
45 minute lesson: $50
30 minute lesson: $40

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Cancellation Policy:
If you know you have a conflict with a specific lesson date coming up, let me know at least 24 hours in advance. I understand that emergencies arise, and will certainly not hold it against you. However, if 24-hour notice isn’t given, then you will be charged for that lesson.