compositions (partial list):


Float Together, Forever One: for Clint singing and real-time computering; video by Rachel Dwiggins.


Pandemic Playlist: a set of music videos.


Behind Silver Clouds: for 6 flutes.

Doubt Before Wild Delight: electronic score to the film by Vabianna Santos.


Plastic Fish: for soprano, piano, and plastic waste.


Mar The Mirror: for guitar solo, acoustic or electric.


Gnarphwhallanie: for soprano, clarinet, trombone, piano, and cello.

Doom-Wop: funeral-doom metal arrangments of doo-wop ballads.


Jejunum Pummeler (Band Version): for amplified tuba through foot pedals and drum set.

There No Here: a political poperetta for teen-pop voice and backing track.

Dead Songs: for voice/hurdy-gurdy and baroque violin.

Bergzies: for flute and electronics.


I am It's will. It does not will. : concert length piece for voice, chamber ensemble, automated sheets of metal, and computer playback.


Round Round Down: for electric guitar quartet.

were running through the woods version I (personal mix): for violin solo, and experimental micing techniques. Batya MacAdam-Somer, violin.

Uranium Tamper: for piano, 32 magnetic pickups, and real time computer processing. Brendan Nguyen, piano; Kevin Larke, software design.

Twinzies: Dalia Chin and Nathalie Colas sharing one bass flute.


final girl 1 : Jess Aszodi, Leslie Leytham, Meghann Welsh, and Stephanie Aston sopranos.

April Eighteenth 1993, Waco, Texas: for voice and electric ensemble.

Imploding Sent In Bomb
: for one percussionist on vibraphone and drum-set.

Jejunum Pummeller
: for amplified tuba, electronics, and drum machine.

bowel resection
: for trombone solo.

Your Thirty Three Years Are Up
: a performance piece.

Re-enactment of Marina Abramovic's “Freeing the Voice”: a performance piece.

they don't make that part anymore: Matthias Koole, electric guitar; Ryan Muncy, soprano sax; Dennis Sullivan, percussion; and Lucas Vis, conductor.

were running through the woods: for violin solo. Batya MacAdam-Somer on the bow-shreding.

Meat Your Mirror: for two performers; composed in collaboration with Bob Pierzak.

Dessert: Hommage a Paul McCarthy: for three performers, 27 bananas, and chocolate syrup.

Let's Do Piano Suicides!!!: installation for inert performer, and a piano amplified through custom built magnetic pickups.


Aileen: voice and electronics.

Back Through the Window-Gaze: Hommage a Chris Burden. Clint: body and glass sheet.

Three Years and Four Months Waiting in the Mud: for two percussionists in latex masks and an ensemble of computer-controlled circular-bowing machines.

Dance Up Close to Me: for harpsichord through a guitar amplifier and guitat pedals.


in a hall of mirrors waiting to die: for The Kenners (Eliot Gattegno, soprano sax; Eric Wubbels, prepared piano).

Love Songs: A one man grindcore opera.

radiation poisoning in a tijuana jail: for soprano, piano, and real-time computer.


onanspazautonomotor : Clint: electric guitar, voice and hammer.

Murder, Woman, and Hanged One: The Murder Woman Ensemble, Stepnanie Aston soprano, and Nicholas Deyoe conductor.

We Are Atomic Cowboy!: for soprano and real-time computer.

2006 and earlier

orbitiltor (2006): for amplified violoncello and two partially amplified percussionists, and electronics.

Colored Dyes (2004): for violin, tape, and dancers.

razorbladelight (2003): for orchestra and amplified vocal quartet.

faultliner (2002): for violin and tape.