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Mar the Mirror for guitar solo, acoustic or electric

for soprano, clarinet, trombone, piano, and cello

Jejunum Pummeler (Band Version)
for amplified tuba and drum set

I am Its will. It does not will. for soprano, electric ensemble, automated thundersheet choir, and computer

Round Round Down
a one page piece for electric guitar quartet

Uranium Tamper
for piano, 32 magnetic pick-ups, and real-time computer processing

for 1 singer and 1 flautist sharing a flute

Bowel Resection for solo circular breathing trombonist

final girl 1
for four screaming sopranos

April Eighteenth, 1993, Waco, Texas for narrator and electric ensemble

they don't make that part anymore
for soprano sax, electric guitar, and percussion

were running through the woods
for violin solo

Dance Up Close To Me for harpsichord played through a guitar amplifier

in a hall of mirrors waiting to die
for soprano sax and prepared piano
             Parts: saxophone

conjoined tremolo autopsy for three percussionists

onanspazautonomotor for singing hammer-weilding electric guitarist

Murder, Woman, and Hanged One for soprano voice and large ensemble